Avneet Kaur Nagpal

Colours are the essence of this world and to be able to use them on canvas is nothing but sheer bliss. I was born an artist and only God knows how I ended up with a Masters degree in Business Administration; yet, the passion for art never faded away and neither did my love for colours. From drawing cartoon sketches on the back of the notebook to painting on large canvas, I’ve done it all; from learning it in Grade School to running my own art classes, I’ve experienced it all.
I recently pursued my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Brock University concentrating in Human Resources and would not hesitate to say that alongside my artistic mind, I do have a knack in business and hence, the urge to have a Masters. I have always believed that education is the key to all locks or you could just be an artist and have a master key.

@ 2016 Priceless Niagara