David Chapman

David T. Chapman started doing both photography and storm chasing at the age of 16. He is self-taught in the art of photography and has been pursuing his career professionally since the age of eighteen. He learned at a very young age from his father to appreciate his environment in the surrounding countryside. He enjoys taking photographs of weather phenomena, especially lightning, as well as scenery and nature. David likes to seek out unusual examples of nature such as albino robins, ice crystal formations and frozen water droplets. To date he has found multi-petalled Ontario trilliums, the highest of which had 33 petals in Grey County, Ontario. David is also a professional speaker and enjoys entertaining and educating a good crowd. His main areas of expertise are Weather/Aurora Borealis, Local Interests and Scenery of Ontario, Birds and Wildlife.

David’s work has been featured on The Weather Network, Global, CTV, CTV National, City TV, CBC Toronto, CP24 and WeatherNationTV. He has also been on the radio as well with NEWSTALK 1010 as recent as June 2017. The CBC Toronto did a feature on an unexpected display of Aurora Borealis which occurred in the Summer of 2013. David was able to forecast both where it was clear and the Aurora Borealis so accurately that he and Brian Chapman were two of the only people to see them in the south eastern half of Canada that night. They drove over 5 hours to see what they anticipated to be a beautiful display and it did not disappoint them by running all through the night until dawn. Now with 15 years experience behind him, his main focus is researching past tornadic events across our province to fine tune his thunderstorm forecasting ability. David also continues to sell his art work around the world as well as gain notoriety through his social media network and television appearances.

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