Emily Andrews

Emily Andrews is a multi-media artist, actress, and musician from Niagara Falls with a BA in Visual Arts from Brock University. She works in a wide variety of media, including, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and public art installation. Her style varies with each project but mainly circles around surrealism and realism. With a deep interest in the human mind and the beauty of the world around her, much of her work is influenced by dreams and daydreams. Through her art and music, Emily is very active in the Niagara region, participating in events such as Niagara Night of Art and In the Soil. In 2012, the Ontario Trillium Foundation chose her as an artist in residence and in 2014 she was the recipient of the Allister Young Arts & Culture Endowment Fund. Her first solo exhibition, Not All There, debuted in 2014 and featured a series of surrealistic oil paintings, which explore the dichotomy of chaos and control through a unique method of painting. Her most recent series, Far >From Ordinary: A Series of Dreamscapes Made With Very Precise Slices, features surrealistic, hand-cut photo collages depicting scenes of pure absurdity and beautiful madness between animals and humans.

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