Tricia O’Connor

Like Tesla, I am an avid lover of the ‘Falls’ especially the view of where the Scow has refused to go over…it is the scene of an incredible miracle, having taken place almost 100 years ago. Over In Toronto, I was a teacher of Visual Arts and ESL as well as a docent at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The highlight of our year was to take a bus trip down to Niagara. Now retired from teaching and pursuing another career in Law, I am also a Board Member of the Welland Arts and Multi-cultural Museum. I am the sole-proprietor of ‘Wellness Within’ using a Tesla coil.

I have been painting since I was a child with my preferred medium being acrylic on raw canvas, with a water-color technique. A great lover of all animals, I am also known to be from a family of ‘beast masters’ who have healed and trained several kinds of animals with TLC.

@ 2016 Priceless Niagara